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What is Build me. ?

Build me. is an online resource for building and renovating in New Zealand.

Founded in 2015, Build me. is here to inspire and inform through quality articles and photos, and connect Kiwi's with the professionals they need when starting a building project. 


INSPIRE..... Based in Queenstown, the Build me. team are passionate about building and interior design. We love to read design magazines, architecture blogs and could pin home ideas all day. Build me. was inspired by similar media channels, but in our NZ Homes articles we wanted to showcase the beautiful homes that every-day New Zealanders build as well as high-end architecture. By showing our readers that other Kiwis are taking on successful building projects, we hope to inspire others to take the plunge too.


INFORM...... The Build me. story began when founder and building project manager Hana Deavoll recognised that many of her friends and family were hesitant about building a new home. To them, and many others, building a new home can sometimes be put in the ‘too hard basket’, despite it being a very rewarding process. She wondered, why don’t more people take on building their own home? And, why do so many people have bad experiences when they do? The reason is lack of knowledge. Build me. was born out of a need to fill this gap between what industry experts know, and what home builders want to learn.


CONNECT...... One of the hardest things about building your own home is choosing which professionals and products to use. The Build me. directory was established to help Kiwis research services and products to use while building their home. 95% of research starts online but so many companies in the building industry have no or little online presence. Additionally, websites can be hard to keep updated and show off recent projects and achievements. The Build me. directory makes it easy for businesses to upload photos and edit content so that their business has a professional, up-to-date, image online. This also makes it easy for home owners in their research - they can find local businesses, get a visual feel for what they offer, read testimonials, be inspired by NZ Homes they have worked on, and connect with them online.

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Our People

Hana Deavoll Founder/Editor

Editor Hana Deavoll has a passion for homebuilding and a wealth of experience to share. As Project Manager for her husband's building company. Hana has experience in purchasing land, designing, and building homes. She created Build me. to provide Kiwis with the tools, information and inspiration they need to build their own home. With a background in marketing, Hana knows how important it is for companies in the building industry to have a strong online presence. She developed the Build me. Directory to help businesses market themselves online and connect with the Build me. community.

Jillian Sullivan Feature Writer

Writer Jillian Sullivan knows first hand the challenge of building your own home. She's just completed her strawbale home in Central Otago, a journey that lasted over 2 years. She has designed and project managed two earlier home builds. Jillian has published novels, collections of short stories, poetry and a book on writing. A Guide to Creating. The Strawbale Project, her account on building her home, will be published in 2016.

Sam Deavoll Building Advisor

The Build me. Team wouldn't be complete without our very own Tradesman. Sam is a Registered Master Builder and has been building for over 8 years. He is on call to answer all our building related questions and will be building the Build me. office & family home later this year.