Kitchen Trends for 2015 :


No pressure… but the kitchen may just be the most important room in the house.  It’s a meeting point, a work room, it’s where meals are taken, homework is done, and where drinks are shared with friends.  The kitchen is the hub of the household.

When it comes to designing and building a kitchen, this important (and multi-functional) room deserves some extra special attention.

When planning your new kitchen, it’s important that all the practical necessities are covered.  You need to think about the ‘work triangle’ to ensure that workbenches and appliances are efficiently placed.  And you need to ensure appliances and materials will meet the demands of your household.

But that’s the practical stuff.  The fun part of kitchen planning is adding personality and pizazz.  The best kitchens are the ones that are warm and inviting but also reflect the personality of those who live in the house. 

In most house designs these days, the kitchen is the main focus of the home.  It’s the centrepiece of an open plan living and dining area.  This means the kitchen is one of the first things people see when entering a home. The design of your kitchen is a real opportunity to showcase your style. 

If you’re about to plan a new kitchen, here are four of our favourite kitchen trends for 2015.

Metallic chic

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The industrial look is still going strong and if you’re thinking metallic for your new kitchen, you can’t go wrong. 

Light fixtures that incorporate black steel, stainless steel, or brass and copper fall into this modern industrial look.  Brass and luxe metallics on tap ware and hardware make a stylish statement in the kitchen.   This look works well with brushed stainless steel appliances.

Kitchen islands with the feel of a commercial kitchen are gaining popularity (we’ll thank MasterChef for this one).  There are some great options for kitchen islands with stainless steel tops on movable steel wheels to complete the commercial industrial feel. 

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Open shelving

We love an idea that combines great style with great practicality.  Open shelves are easy to use and easy to access.  Open shelving allows you to display beautiful pieces of kitchenware or other objects. 

Offset shelving against the rest of your cabinetry.  Using natural timber for shelving, set against white cabinetry is a great way to have fun with the open shelf look. 

Don’t go crazy with open shelving.  There’s still a lot of stuff in your kitchen that is best hidden in cupboards.

A good tip when it comes to planning shelving is to not feel compelled to cover every wall with cupboards or shelving.  Leave at least one wall empty, or partly empty, to gives the room ‘breathing space’.

Open shelves, Build me Kitchen design

Kitchen islands as feature furniture

The kitchen island is your chance to have some fun.  The kitchen is often the central focus of an open plan living area, so it’s worth making the most of the space and delivering some ‘wow’ factor. 

Make your kitchen island a style statement and choose this item as if you were selecting a piece of furniture.  A unique choice of island gives the kitchen a feel of not just being a work area, but a key part of the design of the house. 

Get inspired and have fun.  Mix bench tops by having a standard stone finish on your main bench with an industrial beaten timber island bench.  Or play around with heights by having a kitchen island hanging off the main bench at a lower height.

Onlsow Rd kitchen, concrete bench

Quiet and efficient

Kitchen appliances and storage options are getting smarter.

Asko has a new range of ‘AirQuiet’ range hoods to go with their super quiet dishwasher range.   With most open plan houses, the kitchen is often near the living area, so quiet appliances are a great idea.

There’s a whole range of clever storage options when it comes to shelving and drawers.  Vertical shelves are a clever way to store baking trays and boards using minimal space.  Pull-out shelves in cupboards are a clever way to store pots and pans.  You can easily see, and access, everything in the cupboard, even if it’s right at the back.  Sounds like one of the best ideas we’ve heard for a while.

So when it comes to designing your new kitchen, have some fun.  Inject this important room with panache, practicality and a design style that expresses the personality of your family.

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