Colour Trends :


Last week we were among the 450 companies exhibiting at the 31st Waikato Home and Garden Show at Claudelands Events Centre. As to be expected from the second largest home show in NZ - there was so much to see, do and try at the show. We would really recommend it to anyone in the area who is thinking of building, renovating or looking for inspiration.


It was great to spread the word about Build me. and have a chat with people embarking on their own build and renovation projects. We also managed to find time to go along to a couple of the Resene Design Seminars that were being held over the 4 days, and wanted to share some of the information from these talks with our readers.


The first talk we went to was by Deanna Hills (a Resene Colour Consultant) who's seminar was titled: Colour Trends and New Styles. The seminar was looking at colour and paint trends for 2015-2016. We got some great new ideas for how to paint your rooms in different ways. Some of our favourite upcoming trends include:


Dark Feature Walls in the Bedroom

This trend has been popping up on our Pinterest feed more regularly of late, so we had a feeling this would be on the way. The colours used are mostly dark greys and blues and it gives the room a relaxed feel. It is a bold move so you should be certain on this before embarking. If done well, it looks fantastic - after all, your bedroom is just for you, so it's perfectly fine to have this to contrast the rest of your house.

dark feature wall bedroom

Image sourced from Pinterest


Emerald Green with Brass and Gold

This trend comes across quite decadent. The bold contrast of colours is something you would have to be brave to commit to on a bigger scale, but can be achieved quite nicely on a smaller scale too. For small scale think emerald soft furnishings combined with brass/gold elements from lamps or vases etc.

emerald green and bronze or gold

Image sourced from Pinterest


Coloured Grouting

This trend is achieved by using a grouting pen, where you can colour over the grouting you already have, or just buying a coloured grouting. It gives a wonderful pop of colour to tiles. Bright yellow is apparently the big thing, but colours like this less in-your-face blue below work just as well.

coloured grouting

Image sourced from Pinterest


Dusky Pinks

This colour is definitely a trend to keep your eye out for. It can be used in a variety of rooms and combines well with warm yellows and looks fantastic with copper accents. It's a great colour to use in a simplistic room, as it can look dated in a room with lots going on.

dusky pink paint trend

Image sourced from Pinterest


Coloured Ceilings

If coloured feature walls are a bit 'been there done that' for you, you might be interested in this trend. Full white rooms are a big trend at the moment, especially in kitchens. Coloured ceilings are a great element to add to your white room for a colour boost. They work equally as well if you have gone down the concrete route, as shown in the image below

coloured ceiling trend

Image sourced from Pinterest


Coloured Doors

Yes it seems it's all about the colour pop in 2016. Coloured front doors are a great way to brighten up the exterior of your house, but they're also fun to do inside too. If you have a neutral kid's room that needs a bit of colour, you could stick to just painting the door inside the room, or go for both sides of the door and brighten up your hallway too. Another great tip from Deanna was to paint each kid's door a different colour.

coloured doors trend

Image sourced from Pinterest


The seminar was really informative and we got some great insights into what we'll be seeing more of in 2016. We really enjoyed it, so thanks Resene!