Building Diaries 2: The Coastal Farmhouse, Part 2: Consents & Earthworks :


Welcome to the 2nd series of The Building Diaries. This series of articles is contributed by Victoria Breckon from Tauranga,@ourcoastalfarmhouse on Instagram. Follow the journey as her family source their section, plan their dream home and oversee the building process. 

Part 2: Planning, Consents and Earthworks

Planning & Inspiration

We are well ahead with our planning on this house. Here is our latest inspiration board for the Coastal Farm House:

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Submitting plans and obtaining consent

Once our plans were submitted to council it was about 12 weeks to hear back from Tauranga city council. During this time we were advised because of the proximity to a main road down the hill we would need an Acoustic engineers report to carry out an assessment of the noise control treatment required for the dwelling. This assessment was carried out by ‘Design Acoustics Ltd’ in terms of compliance with the relevant Noise Rule of the Tauranga City Plan.  In order to control road traffic noise from a State Highway, the dwellings need to comply with the ‘Reverse Sensitivity’ rule of the City Plan, meaning that the internal noise level within all ‘habitable rooms’ does not exceed 40 dB LAeq24hr with ventilating windows open.


As a result of the noise assessment, the following recommendations were made for changes to our plan:

- External walls will be timber framed with 6mm Hardiflex external cladding with internal 10mm standard plasterboard lining.  

- The roofing will be colorsteel roofing with minimum R 3.2 batts to the ceiling cavity.  Ceilings will be minimum 1 layer 13mm Standard plasterboard.

- Windows will be dual-glazed IGU units.  

- Bedroom 1 and 3 on the First Floor The back wall within bed 3 should be lined on the inside with 10mm Gib Noiseline.

- The windows in the end bedroom include one pane of 6.38mm laminated glass. The ceiling to Bed 1 and 3 should be one layer 13mm Ultraline.

- All joinery systems must not include vents which may compromise the acoustical performance of the window/door system.  The window joinery system can be openable, but needs to be a good quality system which seals “airtight” when closed, with good gaskets around the window/door perimeter.

- Recessed ceiling lights in Bedroom 1 and 3 should be ‘IC rated’ LED fittings, where the insulation can cover the back of the light fitting. Alternatively, surface mounted light fittings can be used.


Another requirement for council compliance was an engineers report assessing the piles to be dug under the garage end wall due to the location of a council waste water pipe. It was decided eight piles would be required to varying depths of up to 4.0 metres. Comprised of concrete encased timber poles rather than using a reinforcing cage. The piles are designed to act as retaining walls, if for any reason Tauranga City Council need to dig down to the services.

Earthworks and Retaining Wall

With our plans confirmed and building consent granted it was finally time to begin building our home. Our section is slightly sloping on a right of way with 2 other houses, this meant a few days of earthworks stripping off excess dirt which was moved to the back and level out our lower backyard.


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A substantial retaining wall was built to support the right of way, the finishing is fantastic and we are so happy with how it looks. Once the site was stripped and flattened, then the engineered piles were finished and the preparation for the slab to be laid is underway.


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While we have been waiting for consent, our wonderful builder Andrew Freed (Clarat Developments) has made up all of the framing at his house and it is packaged up ready to be delivered to site as soon as it is time!


DSC 03555b35d


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 Next step... Stay tuned for when the foundations are poured and framing work can begin. 

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