Design Corner: Autumn Colour Trends :


According to Dulux, interiors will look to a fusion of modern and heritage this Autumn with a combination of deep and decadent traditional hues re-energized by a splash of brighter colour. A collection of luxurious browns, earthy greens and salmon comprises the Colour Trends for Autumn 2016. 

The Dulux Autumn palette, inspired by the Future Past theme from the 2016 Dulux Colour Trends, “Design Age”, showcases opulence and classicism with a contemporary twist.


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Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr, says the key hues of Autumn, including Dulux Pickled, Pretty Primrose and Loose Leather, reveal an underlying earthy palette with a refreshing colourful twist.  “The 2016 Autumn palette can be seen to comprise stronger hues, but don’t be afraid to add a darker colour into your home. The warmth these colours can add will transform any space and make it feel more inviting and snug, creating a cosy room to cocoon in during the colder seasons,” says Andrea.


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 With such decadent hues on offer this Autumn, bold patterns and luxurious accessories are complimentary to the colour scheme. To achieve the Future Past trend, balance the Autumn colours with antiques, heirlooms and décor in a modern setting. 

 dulux, autumn colours, salmon, earthy green, luxury, interior, build me, 2016

Andrea’s top tips for homeowners using colour this Autumn are:

- Ensure you love the colours you select for your home, and that the hues you select will work with your space especially with lowering light in Autumn.

- Strong blues and indigo elements work especially well with the 2016 Autumn palette. 

- Also consider the accessories as you move into these colder seasons as they impact the space when you’re creating the overall scheme. 


Dulux’s Autumn predictions are the product of research into global design, colour and finishes inspired by trade shows, fashion, technology, and media and trends agencies. 

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