Auckland Home Show 2015: Our Highlights :


Last week Build me. went along to the Auckland Home Show 2015 at the ASB Showgrounds. The show was spread out over 5 days and is definitely something you should head along to next year if you are planning on building or renovating. It is a showcase of the latest trends, products and services in building, renovating, furnishing and outdoor living. Although we weren't exhibiting at this show, it was great to be able to walk around and chat with people about their products and services. Victoria, our sales manager was one of around 45,000 visitors at the show and we have put together a list of the best products and services we found out of the 500 exhibitors.

Rinnai Smart Cylinder

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Rinnai have released this revolutionary hot water cylinder that learns household water usage. Unlike the traditional hot water systems that heat all of the water in the cylinder 24 hours a day, the Smart Cyclinder's smart thermostat learns the pattern of hot water use and only heats it when it knows it will be needed. This typically saves 10-15% on hot water costs. Using the LCD control panel, 3 modes can be set: IQ mode learns one week of household behaviour and constantly monitors and updates water usage. Manual mode works as a normal cylinder would. Vacation mode keeps the water at a minimum temperature of 6°C to stop it from freezing, which also saves power.

Ikon Commercial: Pitt Cooking System

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 Made in Holland, these integrated gas hobs seem to float on top of your work surface. Choose how many hobs you have, and the positioning to create your own cooking space. Pitt Cooking System gives the pans much more room, so they aren't pushed up against each other, as with a regular hob. The worktop temperature will remain low while the hob is in use, meaning no damage. The burners are powerful and the multifunctional burner allows you to simmer or stir fry - giving 30% more power than regular hobs. To top it all off, it is much easier to clean than regular hobs too.

Infraheat Systems: The Logicor Clear Heater System

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This futuristic piece of white glass is actually a electric infrared radiant heating system. The system is infrared and can be controlled by the touch screen control panel. It is the combination of these that saves money. The average energy saving for a modern 3 bedroom house would be 87.87% against electric heating and 49.51% against gas. Infrared heat is also much healthier, more comfortable and more efficient than any other source of home heating. The cost of 6 heaters for a 3 bedroom Auckland home is $10,925.


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Chose your own design or have a designer work with you to create a standout glass splash back or glass feature image for your home. They use colour backed glass and energy efficient LED lighting to create their illuminated glass panels. A special photograph, piece of art or design can also be used to create your own printed or patterned glass panel.

Eco Tech Homes 

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EcoTech Homes specialises in modular housing, an innovative alternative to the traditional method of building. Not only are they some of the most stylish modular houses we've seen, they are driven to make their modular housing eco-friendly by using sustainable materials such as steel, concrete, glass and aluminium. The housing modules can be built and installed in around three months. They're delivered with kitchen and bathroom fixtures and are pretty much ready to move in instantly. The modular homes have already been approved as meeting New Zealand building code requirements.


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We went along to the eHaus seminar 'Energy Efficient Homes - Build a passive home that uses up to 90% less energy', and thoroughly enjoyed it. We fully support the Passive House movement and think it is something that all Kiwis should look into more when building. The main focus of eHaus is to help people design and build homes that are healthy and long lasting. eHaus homes are designed to consume 75-90% less heating energy.

Tanks a Lot 

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Tanks a Lot have created these corrugated steel water tanks to help reduce household water consumption. A 5,000L tank can supply the water for all non-drinking household use, such as flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering gardens and washing cars etc. The tanks are 100% recyclable, unlike poly tanks. Steel tanks are also completely unaffected by ultra violet light, unlike polyethylene which can let in light, therefore creating a risk of algae in the water. The tanks are available in a range of colours to suit all houses.

Merquip, Billi B-5000 Sparkling Tap


 The B-5000 Sparkling is the ultimate smart tap. It delivers boiling, chilled and filtered sparkling water instantly. The CO2 injection system ensures the CO2 saturation is high, to improve taste and life - the sparkling level is also adjustable to suit personal taste. The chilled water control can be adjusted as high as 15°C or as low as 6°C. The boiling water setting uses SplashFree control, which slows the speed of the water down so there is no splash of boiling water. Lights on the tap show when the water is at boiling point or at optimum chilled temperature. It also has a light for when the water filter needs changing.

Wall Plus

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3D board manufactures an exciting range of decorative interior wall tiles. They are made from environmentally friendly, recycled plant and bamboo fibre. These high impact feature walls cost around $40/m2 and can be brushed or sprayed any colour. They come in a variety of patterns and can be installed on to any wall to create the ultimate interior design feature.


Hungry bin. Side of house 0 640 0 0

HungryBin is designed and made in NZ. It is a fast and convenient solution to the problem of food waste. Food waste makes up nearly 50% of waste thrown out by households and HungryBin is designed to dramatically change that. The bin can process up to 2 kilos of food waste per day and turns this into great fertiliser or plant food. HungryBin is designed to allow easy harvest of both finished castings and liquid fertiliser. The high nutrient liquid drains from the bin and into the tray below it. Harvesting castings is easy, as the floor of the bin is removable, allowing around 4L of casting to break away at the top of the taper. The HungryBin is secure and does not smell or attract vermin, so can be put out with normal bins. (This I thought was so radical that i forked out the $300 and had one delivered to Queenstown...I questioned my sanity and omg....just get one!)

EMF Vehicle Turntable


 EMF's vehicle turntables solve the problem of limited parking. The turntable is 4m in diameter and could offer much more garden or building space. With remote or manual operation, the turntable can solve problems of difficult access, limited space for turning, steep drives, busy roads or multiple dwellings with limited parking.